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Single color, full-color receiving card ( synchronous / asynchronous compatible)

Single color, full-color receiving card ( synchronous / asynchronous compatible)

Sending part not to send a card, a national standard reticle can complete signal transmissionComputer allocation Gigabit Ethernet portControl the total area from memory or memory read control signal, image size and display size, can be easily expanded screen; a cable, a computer can control the long, high display. A row or column in general can reach 8192 pixels. Total easy control of hundreds of square meters of large screen.Operation steps connecting line, running the LEDMedia to complete all operationsRefresh rate 60-20000HZ automatic computingPhase locked frequency does not pass the DVI data acquisition card, without restriction, can be automatically adjustedSingle card control area of each card in the 4096 gray, 200HZ refresh rate, the maximum can control 640 * 256; by a variety of specifications module testing, control area than the conventional system with more than 20% of the increaseGray adjustment without gray to 65536 gray-scale adjusted, default 4096 classMulti screen synchronous multiple screen working state can be any combination, switch, while software display connection mode of detection, a relaxed judgments are connected in sequence, display positionDisplay color without graphics processing, the 1073741824 colors or more colors easily displayPoint-by-point correction to support the common chip pixel correctionSmart settings fully intelligent, smart set more simple, one-step, receiving card position can be in any orderProgram setting is divided into LED screen, show page, show window and show four layer logic. Clear and simple, the right mouse button and shortcut bar easy operation.Performance has the advantages of simple structure, and greatly improve the stability ofHigh performance to price ratioUpdate on PC machine software, can realize the whole system upgrade and expansion performance. To ensure that users buy LED display always maintain the most advanced technology. Ensure that the display effect is best.

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